Works / Trabajos

La estela también desaparece: versiones para aislamiento / The trail also disappears: isolation versions (2020). Varying duration. Video and sound pieces for two performers, card deck, sheets of paper, pen, pencil, charcoal.

Japan (2020). Electronic piece for Bicha (analogic sounding circuit by Jorge Crowe) and Miku Stomp pedal.

Una perturbación del aire que se propaga / A propagating disturbance of the air (2018). Sound installation commissioned by Festival Tsonami (Valparaíso, Chile).

La eterna novedad del mundo (2018). Site specific sound installation and performance for exhibition «La eterna novedad del mundo» of visual artist Larry Muñoz at MUNTREF Centro de Arte y Naturaleza. Commissioned by MUNTREF.

Charco para coro / Charco for choir (2018, in collaboration with visual artist Jimena Croceri and musicians Constanza Castagnet, Ivana Castagnetti, Liza Casullo and Lucía Drocchi). Varying duration. Vocal performance based on «Charco», Jimena Croceri’s visual work series.

Homenaje a Prince / Tribute to Prince (2018). 9:00. Piece for two trombones, two trumpets and drums.

Promenade (2016). Acousmatic piece for field recordings and synthesizer.

Pieza para dos piñatas / For two piñatas (2016). Approximately 1:30. For two piñatas, 500 small sleigh bells and 600 poppers*.

La estela también desaparece / The trail also disappears (since 2016). Varying duration. Two or three performers, card deck, sheets of paper, pen, pencil, charcoal.

Not sorry about Jethro Tull (2016). 2:00. Jethro Tull tape erased with a magnet.

Piazza (2016). 3:26. Soundscape.

Piana (2015). Acousmatic piece for processed piano.

Reuniones familiares / Family meetings (2015). 6:08. Acousmatic piece from field recordings.

Qué es la hora / Where is the time (2015, in collaboration with visual artist Celina Eceiza). Varying duration. Site specific performance for Celina’s exhibition with field recordings, lyre and megaphone.

La insistencia del movimiento / The insistance of movement (2015, in collaboration with dancer Jorgelina Mongan and art historian Guillermina Mongan). Approximately 30 minutes. Site specific dance and music piece. For megaphones, trumpet marine and synthesizer.

Música magnética / Magnetic music (2013-2015). Varying duration. Improvised concert based on DIY and mini synthesizers, field recordings, tapes, VHS tape, magnetised objects and hacked cassette player.

Tres miniaturas de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires / Three small pieces of Buenos Aires (2014). 6:56. Soundscape.

Mamie is blue. (2014). 4:24. Cover of the song by krautrock band Faust. For processed trumpet marine, electric guitar and field recordings.

Variaciones sobre el blanco / Variations on white (2014). Approximately 20 minutes. For TV, two radios, synthesizer, field recordings, megaphones and nylon bags.

Música coincidental #1 / Coincidental music #1 (2014, collaboration with composer Tomás Cabado). Approximately 2:00. Site specific piece to be performed at silent rooms of libraries. Paper, pens, coins and keys.

Untitled (2013). 3:54. Acousmatic piece for field recording and lyre.

Sueño de año nuevo / Dream for the New Year (2013). 4:24. Acousmatic piece for field recording and trumpet marine.

3 (2012). 7:10. Acousmatic piece for five trumpet marines.

La pesquisa / The search (2012). 2:35. Acousmatic piece for field recordings and trumpet marine.

208 metrónomos para una performance / 208 metronomes for a performance (2011, in collaboration with composer Víctor Grinenco). Approximately 20 minutes. Five indeterminate pieces for eight metronomes, violin and trumpet marine.

El amor es más frío que la muerte / Love is colder than death (2011, in collaboration with musician and performer Leandro Barzabal). Performance for console and eight MP3 players with pop love songs.

* Safe fireworks for kids.