Reuniones familiares / Family meetings

Acousmatic composition

I recorded sounds of my family and my boyfriend’s family during four family meetings. I sometimes asked them to behave in the table as they always do, but without talking. Other times, I recorded their conversations without notifying them and captured hours and hours of casual conversations. Afterwards, I made them listen to those recordings. The action had a transformative result: they immediately paid attention to their sense of hearing and became conscious of their sounding interventions in the world.

I made a collage with the collected sound. The composition accounts for the performativity of familiar lunches and dinners in Argentina and of the sounding universe of everyday life. The complete version was set up as a sound installation for the exhibition “Wacala” (spanish expression translatable as “Yuk!”) in April 2015, at the Teatro Verdi of La Boca, Buenos Aires. It was also played as an acousmatic piece at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires in July 2016.

The recordings were made with binaural microphones. It is recommended to listen with earphones.

Alma Laprida

Buenos Aires, April 2015

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