La estela también desaparece / The trail also disappears

Card deck for two/three performers and director


The performers are sitting on a table. In front of each one of them, there’s white sheets of paper (letter size), a pen, a pencil, a charcoal and a deck of cards. The cards can be organized in a particular order or shuffled. You can use as many cards as you want.

The cards indicate whether the performers have to repeatedly draw circles, squares, ascending lines, dots, free lines (“LIBRE”) or sign (“FIRMA”). In some cards there are indications for the size of the drawings (S/M/L), the speed/tempo or the intention of the gesture.

The director shall indicate the performers when to take a new card, when to start a new action, when to change the drawing element but also shall indicate dynamics and, when the cards are over, when to finish it.

The pressure the performers must do on the paper must be enough to get a clear line.

Depending on the acoustic characteristics of the venue, it could be necessary to amplify the sound of drawing.


Mexico City, February 2016

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